Cares for Christmas 2022 Cache Valley Utah/Idaho

All gifts have been delivered to our families in need this year. Thank you so much to everyone who donated to these families so they can have a wonderful Christmas dispite their circumstances this year.  

 To donate an item click on the reserve button next to want you want to get.  Items that are in red and crossed out have been reserved and are in the process of being purchased. Items in light gray and crossed out have already been received.

If you would like to sponsor an entire family you can use the contact bar at the top and send an email with your request.  We can then go and reserve all items for you.

When you drop off your donation, please have it unwrapped and individually marked with Gift tags you can print here. This will ensure we get your gift to the right family.

Monetary donations are also accepted. Checks can be written to Cache Valley Media Group with “Cares for Christmas” written in the memo line. We will also be accepting gift bags, boxes and wrapping paper in order for us to wrap the gifts.

***We only accept new items,  please donate all your used items/clothing to other organizations*** 

Our goal is to help people in our community who are doing their best to get by on their own, and wouldn’t ask for help themselves. These individuals did not apply to be helped, but were nominated by others.

If you are reserving an item, please have them dropped off at The Cache Valley Media Group ot 810 West 200 North within 3 business days.  If you need more time, just contact us through the contact link and let us know when you will be bringing them in.





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Family 4

Cache Valley single mom raising 4 teens and living in a trailer home on limited income and speaks limited English. Many hardships, so grateful for any help given!

(4A) Mom: 40 Years old.

cooking, soccer


jacket/coat size xl

shirts size xl

pants size xl

shoes and socks size 7.5



wireless ear buds/airpod type

chicken meat (Reserved)

Gift Cards

Gift Cards do not need to be reserved since all are invited to donate them.

Stores: Walmart, gas, restaurant

(4B) Girl: 18 Years old.

wrestling, soccer


pants waist size 28 length 30 size 4 women’s

shirts size medium

jacket/coat size medium

shoes size 7.5


Lego car model

wireless ear buds/airpod type

sweatpants size women’s small

(4C) Boy: 15 Years old.

soccer, pokemon, video games


pants size 27 waist, 30 length

shirts size medium adult

shoes & socks mens size 8.5

hoodies/jackets size medium adult


Pokemon cards

xbox (used okay) and games

wireless ear buds/airpod type

(4D) Girl: 17 Years old.



shoes size 8.5 women’s

pants size 8 women’s

jackets/hoodies size medium women’s

socks women’s


art supplies

(can be used) iPad with Apple Pencil for drawing RESERVE

watercolor paper

(4E) Girl: 16 Years old.

movies and makeup


Mom jeans/ straight jeans size 16 women’s

shoes and socks size 8.5 women’s

hoodies size xl women’s (Reserved)

jacket size xl women’s



perfume (Reserved)

wireless ear buds/air pod type