Cares for Christmas 2023 Cache Valley Utah/Idaho

Please bring in all items in by Monday Dec. 18th

(if you are unable to bring  them in by then, please contact us so we can make other arrangements)

 To donate an item click on the reserve button next to want you want to get.  Items that are in red and crossed out have been reserved and are in the process of being purchased. Items in light gray and crossed out have already been received.

If you would like to sponsor an entire family you can use the contact bar at the top and send an email with your request.  We can then go and reserve all items for you.

When you drop off your donation, please have it unwrapped and individually marked with Gift tags you can print here. This will ensure we get your gift to the right family.

Monetary donations are also accepted. You can drop off cash to the Cache Valley Media Group or checks can be written to Cache Valley Media Group with “Cares for Christmas” written in the memo line. We will also be accepting gift bags, boxes and wrapping paper in order for us to wrap the gifts.

***We only accept new items,  please donate all your used items/clothing to other organizations*** 

Our goal is to help people in our community who are doing their best to get by on their own, and wouldn’t ask for help themselves. These individuals did not apply to be helped, but were nominated by others.

If you are reserving an item, please have them dropped off at The Cache Valley Media Group ot 810 West 200 North within 3 business days.  If you need more time, just contact us through the contact link and let us know when you will be bringing them in.





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Family 3

This family is so hard-working and humble. Dad works multiple jobs to make ends meet and is trying to complete his education so he can better provide for his family. Mom cares for the children and works when she can, but finances are very tight. Both are dedicated and selfless. Although this family struggles and makes many sacrifices at home, they are generous with their time and service to others, especially their elderly and widowed neighbors. They bring real relief to others in their community through quiet, consistent efforts to serve. Thank you for lifting the burdens of this wonderful and appreciative family!

(3A) Boy: 4 Years old.

Dinosaurs, construction, Legos, and the color blue.


Winter coat, size 5T

Sunday dress clothes (shirt and pants), size 5T

Sunday dress shoes, little boys size 11


Legos (any)

Bike, 18 in.

Hot Wheels

(3B) Girl: 6 Years old.

Unicorns, rainbows, princesses, sparkles, and anything pink.


Sunday dress shoes, size little girl 11

Anxiety fidget toys (for school)

Hair ties


Dress up clothes/costumes, size 6-8

Art kit (coloring/painting)

Bike 20 inch

(3C) Girl: 10 Years old.

Reading, reading, reading: clean, family-friendly chapter books (any genre). Cooking and baking, science or learning kits, and audiobooks.


Underwear, girls size 12 briefs.

Sunday dress shoes, big girls size 4


The Chronicles of Narnia book set

Twin bedding

Non-metal jewelry (necklaces/bracelets) (Reserved)

(3D) Girl: 13 Years old.

Makeup, jewelry, art/crafts, and anything Baby Yoda.


Work boots, womens size 6

Underwear, womens size 5 hipsters


Queen-sized bedding

Art supplies and books for drawing

Hair care products

(3E) Boy: 14 Years old.

Video games, BBQ/grilling, joke-telling, military, and working out.


White dress shirt, size XL

Sunday dress shoes, size 11

Dress pants, size 36×30

Winter coat, mens size XL


Bike, men’s size L or XL frame

Video game-themed room decor

Spyro (PS2 or xbox one video game)

(3F) Dad: 38 Years old.

Hunting, playing board or video games with the kids, home repair/improvement projects, BBQ/grilling, listening to audiobooks.


White dress shirts, size mens 3XLT or 4X RESERVE

Work boots, mens size 13

Winter coat, mens size 4X RESERVE


Shop vac

Small rolling tool stand (for working on projects)

Tools or power tools (any)

Gift Cards

Gift Cards do not need to be reserved since all are invited to donate them.

Stores: Home Depot, Walmart, Amazon, Audible.

(3G) Mom: 35 Years old.

Crocheting, listening to audio books, playing board/card games with the family.


Work boots or sneakers, womens size 7



Bed sheets, king-sized

Runner rugs for the house

Things to help organize a home

Gift Cards

Gift Cards do not need to be reserved since all are invited to donate them.

Stores: Joann Fabrics, Hobby Lobby, Walmart, Amazon, Audible.