We have delivered all our gifts for 2018, Thanks for everyones support, donations and Thanks for Caring this Christmas!


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Family 1

A recently-divorced single mom. Has no family in the state, and doesn’t know many people in the valley. She is struggling financially, trying to pay all of her necessary bills.

(1A) Boy: 18 Months old.

Mickey Mouse, blocks, Duplo legos, and all things toddler related.


All clothes

Shoes (Reserved)



Duplo Legos (Reserved)

Thomas the Train toys

Mickey Mouse or other stuffed animals

Clothes Sizes:

Shirt Size: 2T
Pants Size: 2T
Shoes Size: 5-6 Toddler

Winter Clothes:

Hat: 2T

Gloves: 2T

Pants: 2T

Boots: 5-6 Toddler

Coat: 2T

(1B) Mom: 26 Years old.

Her main focus is raising her son. She likes crafts, reading, and painting her nails. She is very artistic.


Good boots (8 Women’s)

Lined jacket

Warm blanket, scarf, and gloves

Clothes Sizes:

Shirt Size: M

Shoes Size: 8

Winter Clothes:

Coat: Has a winter coat, but could use a lined jacket.

Gift Cards

Grocery Stores:

Gas Stations: Maverick

Restaurants: McDonald’s, Chili’s and other kid friendly restaurants.

Family Entertainment: Movie passes, Bounce ‘n’ Slide