We have delivered all our gifts for 2018, Thanks for everyones support, donations and Thanks for Caring this Christmas!


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Family 5

This is a single-parent family. Mom is battling stage 3 cancer. Due to her weakened immune system she has had a handful of other health problems as well. She and her 16 year-old son recently moved to Logan to be closer to family, as well as receive treatments. They were planning to move in with family so they sold all their belongings; however, once they arrived here they found the commute too be to far. So she and her son found an apartment closer to the hospital. But this decision has left them with no furniture or housewares. Mom has no vehicle and takes the bus to get to her appointments and run errands. They are extremely optimistic about the move and could really use some extra Christmas cheer this year!

(5A) Mom: 49 Years old.

Reading! Reading! Reading! She loves books that uplift and motivate her. A book or gift card to any bookstore would bring her so much joy. She also loves Olive Garden.



small table with 2 chairs

Pots/pans (Reserved)




Gift cards to Walmart

Clothes Sizes:

Shirt Size: XL
Pants Size: XL
Shoes Size: 8

Winter Clothes:

Hat: large

Gloves: large Reserve

Snow Pants: xl-due to her health, sweats or joggers are the easiest to put on Reserve

Boots: 8 (Reserved)

Coat: xl (Reserved)

Gift Cards

Grocery Stores:

Gas Stations: Olive Garden

Restaurants: Movie theater pass

Family Entertainment: Bookstore

Other: Zumiez is her son’s favorite store

(5B) Boy: 16 Years old.

Like most teenage kids, he enjoys reading, video games, movies and eating out.



socks/shoes (Reserved)

clothing Reserve


Zumiez gift card Reserve

A small TV Reserve

sweats/joggers Reserve

Clothes Sizes:

Pants Size: Large
Shoes Size: 9.5

Winter Clothes:

Hat: large

Gloves: large

Snow Pants: large Reserve

Boots: 9.5 (Reserved)

Coat: large (Reserved)