We have delivered all our gifts for 2018, Thanks for everyones support, donations and Thanks for Caring this Christmas!


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Family 6

This sweet family is coping with dad leaving the family, due to some mental health issues. Mom works full-time to pay for living expenses. They are hoping to find a home of their own as they are currently living with grandma.
This family is Sponsored by: Hansen’s and Friends

(6A) Mom: 40 Years old.

Mom loves books or quotes from Marianne Williamson- she finds them very uplifting and inspirational.


hair straightener

set of plastic storage containers

good knives


2 single thin mattresses/pads that can be rolled up

gift cards to take family out to eat- Chilis, Crepery


Clothes Sizes:

Shirt Size: 14/16
Pants Size: 22
Shoes Size: 10.5

Winter Clothes:

Hat: large (Reserved)

Gloves: large (Reserved)

Boots: 10.5

Coat: 14-16

Gift Cards

Grocery Stores: Walmart, Smiths Marketplace

Gas Stations: Maverik for gas

Restaurants: Anything would be great

Family Entertainment: Movie passes


(6B) Girl: 9 Years old.

Art, music, clothes, jewelry, fashion, barbies


Brush and hair accessories for long hair (Reserved)

training bra kids 14-16 or adult med (Reserved)

art books, supplies-watercolors/pencils (Reserved)


Fancy church dress and pillows (Reserved)

baby alive (Reserved)

Jewelry-bracelts, necklaces, and jewelry box (Reserved)

Clothes Sizes:

Shirt Size: 14-16 Kids
Pants Size: Womens 6
Shoes Size: 7

Winter Clothes:

Hat: kids large (Reserved)

Gloves: kids med (Reserved)

Pants: womens 6 (Reserved)

Boots: 7 (Reserved)

Coat: 14-16 kids (Reserved)

(6C) Girl: 11 Years old.

Drawing, crafts, color pencils, minecraft


Bras 36 B white and white tank tops (Reserved)

new pillows (Reserved)

church dress (Reserved)


tablet/headphones (Reserved)

art set-pencils and paper (Reserved)

amazon gift card (Reserved)

Clothes Sizes:

Shirt Size: Adult Large
Pants Size: Women’s 15/16
Shoes Size: 10

Winter Clothes:

Hat: large/ ear muffs (Reserved)

Gloves: large (Reserved)

Pants: 16 adult (Reserved)

Boots: 10 womens (Reserved)

Coat: large-adult (Reserved)

(6D) Boy: 14 Years old.

Books by CL Taylor, going to movies, hanging out with friends/sisters, Fun Park, likes to take sisters on dates


chest binder/black tank adult size M (Reserved)

Hoodies mens large (Reserved)

Boots and white tube socks (Reserved)


T-shirts, short sleeve shirts/hoodies (Reserved)

super warm blanket and new pillows (Reserved)

Headphones and water flavorings (Reserved)

Clothes Sizes:

Shirt Size: Men’s Large
Pants Size: 36x32
Shoes Size: 9

Winter Clothes:

Hat: large Beanies (Reserved)

Gloves: large (Reserved)

Pants: Mens 36x32 (Reserved)

Boots: 9 (Reserved)

Coat: large non bulky (Reserved)