Thanks for visiting Cares for Christmas!

If you have any last minute items PLEASE have them dropped off to the Cache Valley Media Group

By Monday 21st before NOON. 



Our goal is to help people in our community who are doing their best to get by on their own, and wouldn’t ask for help themselves. These individuals did not apply to be helped, but were nominated by others.

  If you are reserving an item, please have them dropped off at The Cache Valley Media Group ot 810 West 200 North within 3 business days.  If you need more time, just contact us through the contact link and let us know when you will be bringing them in. 


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Family 2

This is a family of 5, mom, dad, two boys and one girl. 2020 has been really rough for them. The wife and mom have had two unexpected hospital stays this year. The first time she spent three weeks in the hospital and the second time for one week. They are working on paying off all of their medical bills, but they still have a long ways to go. Due to this they’ve been struggling with the everyday things they need to buy and are worried about having a Christmas at all for their kids.

(2A) Dad: 26 Years old.

Outdoors, motorcycles, knovea


Socks (Reserved)




Playstation games RESERVE

Date with wife (Reserved)

Nike shoes

Clothes Sizes:

Shirt Size: Xl
Pants Size: 36×32
Shoes Size: 13

Winter Clothes:


Gloves: Lg RESERVE

Snow Pants: 36×32 RESERVE

Boots: 13 RESERVE


Gift Cards

Grocery Stores: Smiths, Walmart

Gas Stations: Maverick

Restaurants: El toro, McDonalds

Family Entertainment: Fun park

Other: Cache coffee
Tj maxx

(2B) Mom: 25 Years old.

Drawing, reading , love anything Marvel related, cooking


Pants (Reserved)

Snow boots, size 8

Prepay smart phone (Reserved)



Drawing supplies

Crock pot

Clothes Sizes:

Shirt Size: Large
Pants Size: 10
Shoes Size: 8

Winter Clothes:

Hat: Large

Gloves: Large RESERVE

Snow Pants: 10 RESERVE

Coat: Large RESERVE

Gift Cards

Grocery Stores: Walmart, smiths, maceys

Gas Stations: Maverick, chevron

Restaurants: Panda Express, Center Street Grill, Olive Garden

Family Entertainment: Fun park, movie theater, Zoo


(2C) Boy: 6 Years old.

Mine craft, sonic, paw patrol, pj masks, monster truck




Long sleeve shirts


Remote controlled monster truck

Magnetic tiles (Reserved)

Paw patrol toys

Clothes Sizes:

Shirt Size: 6/7
Pants Size: 7
Shoes Size: 2

Winter Clothes:

Hat: Large RESERVE

Gloves: Large

Snow Pants: 7 RESERVE

Boots: 2 (Reserved)

Coat: Reserved

(2D) Boy: 4 Years old.

Sonic, construction vehicles, pj masks, paw patrol



Hoodie (Reserved)

Long sleeve t shirts


Sonic toys RESERVE

Hot wheels track

Duplo lego sets

Clothes Sizes:

Shirt Size: 5/6
Pants Size: 6
Shoes Size: 13

Winter Clothes:

Hat: Medium

Gloves: Medium (Reserved)

Snow Pants: 6 RESERVE

Boots: 13

Coat: Reserved

(2E) Girl: 3 Years old.

Frozen, story books, Vamprina , baby dolls, Trolls


4t clothes

Toddler comforter set

At home learning supplies for preschool



Frozen toys

Baby dolls

Clothes Sizes:

Shirt Size: 4t
Pants Size: 4t
Shoes Size: 8

Winter Clothes:

Hat: Small

Gloves: Small

Pants: 4t

Boots: 8

Coat: Reserved