We have delivered all our gifts for 2018, Thanks for everyones support, donations and Thanks for Caring this Christmas!


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Family 14

This mom and her 3 kids could really use some love and support this Christmas season. The family has just fled a bad situation, mom has recently been brave and taken the steps she needs to remove them from it. She has relocated from a much warmer place and they are in need of lots of winter items.

(14A) Mom: 36 Years old.

learning to care for herself and her family


toilet paper

toiletry items

Gift cards for food and gas

Clothes Sizes:

Winter Clothes:

Gift Cards

Grocery Stores: Macey’s

Gas Stations: Any in Logan or Providence

Restaurants: Local restaurants

Family Entertainment: Movie passes, anything fun for a teenaged boy and two young girls


(14B) Boy: 17 Years old.

He enjoys video games.


Coat (Large), Snow pants (Large)

Hat, glove, socks (Large)

Boots (10 Men’s)


video game console, playstation or game cube (doesn’t have any but has always wanted one) (Reserved)

if not a console than a tablet he can play games on

Clothes Sizes:

Shirt Size: Large
Pants Size: Waist 34, Length 32
Shoes Size: Size 10 in Men’s

Winter Clothes:

Hat: large

Gloves: Young Men’s Large

Pants: Large

Boots: Size 10 Men’s

Coat: Large

(14C) Girl: 7 Years old.

She loves Calico critters.


Pants, socks

Long sleeve shirt




Barbies, Jo-Jo Siwa

Easy bake oven

Clothes Sizes:

Shirt Size: Small Size 6
Pants Size: Size 6-8
Shoes Size: 12 in kids

Winter Clothes:

Gloves: Mittens or gloves, Kids small or medium

(14D) Girl: 5 Years old.

She loves to make, bake, and experiment. She likes to stack, build, and create things. She also loves to color, cut, glue and draw.



Shirt, long sleeve

Pants- warm clothes


Magnets that stack and build things

Peppa Pig books

art supplies for younger kids

Clothes Sizes:

Shirt Size: 5T
Pants Size: 5T

Winter Clothes:

Gloves: Mittens or Gloves Small