Cares for Christmas 2021 Cache Valley Utah/Idaho 



***We only accept new items, please donate all your used items/clothing to other organizations*** 

Our goal is to help people in our community who are doing their best to get by on their own, and wouldn’t ask for help themselves. These individuals did not apply to be helped, but were nominated by others.

If you are reserving an item, please have them dropped off at The Cache Valley Media Group ot 810 West 200 North within 3 business days.  If you need more time, just contact us through the contact link and let us know when you will be bringing them in.





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Family 11

This family has moved several time in the past few years. The mother recently separated from the husband, all 4 kids live with mom. Mom has a small part time job while the kids are in school, and plans to return to school herself when things are settled with finances and her family situation. This mother is never quite sure how the bills will get paid from month to month, but remains hopeful for the future. She works hard to provide for the many needs of her growing children.

(11A) Mom: 43 Years old.

Sewing, quilting, running, yoga, healthy eating, cooking, genealogy, dark chocolate, wants to go back to school in nursing.


3 tier shoe rack for a small enteryway (Reserved)

basic tool set for house

lightweight crossbody purse medium size, preferably nylon or something lightweight (Reserved)

USB-C charger for wall outlet (iphone11) with lightning cable


woman’s Brooks shoes Ghost size 7

External Hard Drive to store family photos and movies

Small Bluetooth speaker

Gift Cards

Gift Cards do not need to be reserved since all are invited to donate them.

Stores: Walmart, Amazon, Ross’s, JC Penny, Gas Card, Center Street Grill, Booktable, Macey’s

(11B) Boy: 14 Years old.

Aerospace engineering, computers, fixing things, Football, French language, favorite NFL team Tennessee titans, Hiking, biking, snow boarding when gets a chance to go, friends, favorite colors greens and blues


Winter coat- Ski coat with zip out liner, Men’s size Large

Sport hoodie Mens Large

Brooks Adrenaline Men’s size 11 (black, gray, or blue)- has knee and ankle problems is he doesn’t have good shoes

Bike pump


button up, long sleeve casual shirt Men’s large (Reserved)

boot dryer (Reserved)

dress sweater Men’s Large

(11C) Boy: 12 Years old.

Coin collecting, Mindcraft, Reading, Math, French language, Hiking and camping, fishing, ice fishing, Snowboarding when gets a chance to go, Basketball, football, favorite NFL team Seattle Seahawks, likes blue, green, reds


Winter boots Men’s size 10 1/2

Sports hoodie Men’s Size S

Winter Coat with lots of pockets for ice fishing (Reserved)

long sleeve light weight sports shirt


tackle box for fishing

flying eagle penny (about 1858-59) (Reserved)

Swimming lessons from the Sports Academy RESERVE

(11D) Girl: 10 Years old.

Crafting, drawing, coloring, Barbie’s, music, dance, French language, plays the piano and wants to start violin lessons, doing hair, swimming, favorite colors; purple, blues, pink-oranges


2 long sleeved shirt, girls 14 or 12 plus (no crop top)

Fleece lined leggings, womans S or girls 16

knee high dressy boots Child size 4 or womans size 5

Lite Brite


warm tights white or cream color Girls XL or womans small RESERVE

Bead set for making jewelry (Reserved)

Swimming lessons from the sports Academy RESERVE

(11E) Girl: 5 Years old.

loves furry animals, coloring, PAINTING, playing outside, swimming, scootering, sand, my little ponies, mermaids, babies, Horses-“Spirit”, favorite colors, teal, lavender, sparkles, greens


Curly hair shampoo and conditioner

Leggings girls size 5/6

Long sleeved Shirt size 5/6

crew socks -girls small


Bike with training wheels (Reserved)

Coloring book, stickers, Markers (Reserved)

Swimming lessons from the Sports Academy RESERVE