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Family 5

This family includes a single mom and 3 children, ages 11, 4, and 3. The mother can currently only working part-time due to the ages of her children. She works hard to support her family but always comes up a little short. They are a cute family that is always cheerful and willing to help others and could really benefit from some extra help this holiday season.

(5A) Mom: 26 Years old.

She would prefer not to have attention on herself and wouldn’t provide any information. She’s is grateful for the help, but doesn’t want the focus on anything for her. We are estimating her sizes because it would be great to get her a few things. She’s about a L or XL and is about 5’4


Robe and slippers


Shirts L or XL (Reserved)


Gift Cards for Gas

Gift Cards for Food

Something fun she can do with her kids (Reserved)

Gift Cards

Gift Cards do not need to be reserved since all are invited to donate them.

Stores: Maverik or other gas stations, Smith’s Marketplace, Walmart

(5B) Boy: 4 Years old.

cars, Paw Patrol, dinosaurs


size 11 toddler boots or shoes

underwear 5T

5T pants

5T shirts


arts and crafts


preschool puzzles

(5C) Girl: 3 Years old.

Coco Melon; coloring; arts and crafts; Minnie Mouse


Boots 7 toddler

4t shirts

4t pants


Frozen toys

cocomelon toys

mini mouse stuff (Reserved)

(5D) Girl: 11 Years old.

anything anime (books, etc); painting (brushes, etc.); talented artist in paints, markers, etc.

She doesn’t wear bright colors. She prefers wearing dark colors. She wears large clothing and prefers things really roomy.


XL men’s coat (she really likes roomy) and likes dark colors

Shirts- She wears Large Men’s such as the graphic t-shirts at Walmart with anime on them

Beauty Face masks – “She’s into self-care right now for her acne.”

pants 9-10 in women’s


Art Supplies


Science lab type activities