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Family 7

The mother of the family passed away tragically and unexpectedly this past year due to health complications. Due to circumstances, the father has had some challenges holding a job which, as a result, has led to a lack of a steady income. Every morning when I see this family, the father has a smile on his face despite the tragedy their family has faced this year, among multiple other challenges. I have known the father’s son through preschool and he as well is an absolute joy. The father’s daughter is trying to cope the best she can losing her mother while she navigates through the difficult years of middle school. They are all trying their very best to get through everyday while grieving their mother and wife. The father’s mother-in-law sacrificed greatly to move to Utah to help her son-in-law raise these children. The mother-in-law has some health complications that makes it difficult to help with the day-to-day responsibilities in helping raise the two children.

The father gives everything he has to his children. He gives every effort he has in trying to provide the best he can for his family. As I’ve come to know this family over the years, the father has mentioned it can be difficult to provide the basic needs for his son and daughter. When I see the father on a daily basis, he doesn’t have adequate clothing for himself that is suitable for cold temperatures. I can see the life-shattering heartbreak in the father because his wife was his best friend and they loved raising their children together. The father has a huge burden on his shoulders of raising these two children and helping them with the basic necessities would ease that burden greatly.

(7A) Boy: 5 Years old.

Toy cars (he likes small ones), trucks, spider-man, trains, blocks, legos, paint, musical instruments, dress up clothes, paw patrol, superheroes, favorite colors are red and purple


Long sleeve shirts (size 8M boys)

Jeans and sweat pants (size 8M boys)

Underwear (size small and medium)

Velcro shoes (size 12 children)


Toy cars with a race car track

Block set

Legos or water-color paint set

(7B) Girl: 12 Years old.

Archery, video editing, live action “Lion King.” Favorite colors are red and blue, favorite tv show is Arrow


Jean Jacket (size 12-14 girls) Bra size 32 K

Jeans (size 8 girls)

Pair of pajamas or a pair of shoes (Pajama top size 12-14 girls, bottoms size 8 girls) Shoe size 8.5

Dress for church or for school functions (12-14 girls/M) Favorite colors are red and blue


Small piano keyboard with headphones

Electric blanket to keep warm

Nintendo Switch RESERVE

(7C) Girl: 65 Years old.

Traveling, watching movies, Italy, SciFi Chinese fantasy, favorite colors are aqua and lavender


Jeans (16-18 petite)

Nice blouse for church (14-16 women’s)

Shoes (6 women’s) (Reserved)

Sewing machine case for her JC Penney 7064 (she loves to sew and she’s worried her 5 year old grandson will break the machine without a case over it)


Movie tickets (she loves to watch movies and currently, she cannot afford to go see a movie in theaters)

Electric blanket to keep warm


(7D) Dad: 42 Years old.

Harley Davidson, old cars, skulls, Disney, the beach, Audi, surfing, favorite color is red


Jeans (size 38X30 Men’s)

Shirts and a hoodie (XL Mens)

Sweat pants (XL)

Scarf or a beanie (Reserved)


White Adidas Superstar Shoes (shoe size 12 Men’s)

iTunes gift card

Gift card to buy a phone case for his iPhone 8s.

Gift Cards

Gift Cards do not need to be reserved since all are invited to donate them.

Stores: Walmart, McDonalds, Best Buy