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Family 8

Refugee family from Ukraine, left everything and everyone they know to come to Utah while the war is being fought. Needs all the help they can get, living in a new place and without Dad (Mom and 2 kids)

(8A) Mom: 33 Years old.

Art, drawing, reading


Sweaters size medium (Reserved)

Winter shoes and socks size 9 (Reserved)

Jacket or coat size medium (Reserved)


Drawing supplies (Reserved)

Books (Reserved)

Gift Cards

Gift Cards do not need to be reserved since all are invited to donate them.

Stores: Hobby Lobby, Walmart

(8B) Boy: 10 Years old.

Soccer, legos


Jeans kids size 10 (Reserved)

Hoodies kids size 10 (Reserved)

Coat kids size 10 (Reserved)


Kids headphones

Legos (Reserved)

Soccer related items (Reserved)

(8C) Girl: 12 Years old.

Piano, drawing


Sweaters kids 12 or large

Jeans kids size 12

Shoes youth 4 (Reserved)

Black or navy backpack (Reserved)


Pajamas girls xl

Piano keyboard (Reserved)

Hair clips and accessories (Reserved)