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Family 9

This single mother of 9 children is the hardest worker I know! Three of her girls are disabled and in wheelchairs, and one is in and out of Primary Children’s hospital. Mom works full time to support the family and the oldest two siblings also work to help support the younger children.

These children are the sweetest, happiest, most polite kids you could ever hope to meet. They are a loving family who doesn’t expect anything – but are delighted by everything. Though physically disabled, the children are among the brightest in our school. There is so much love between these siblings, it’s a joy to watch them interact. Mom is truly the hardest worker I know – yet she always has a smile and a positive, grateful attitude.

(9A) Mom: 45 Years old.

Single mom doing a great job of raising 9 children, I’m not sure she has time for “interests!” I think she would like to read and SLEEP!


Warm socks size 6.5-7

Slippers size 6.5-7

Jeans size 2 (23 inch waist)


Crochet items (yarn, hooks, pattern)

Books – adventure or detective

Gift Cards

Gift Cards do not need to be reserved since all are invited to donate them.

Stores: Walmart or Cost Co

(9B) Girl: 5 Years old.

Art, crafts, reading, toys, animals


Coat size 5/6

Pants size 5/6

Shirts size 5/6


Pink adjustable jump rope

Any arts/ crafts supplies


(9C) Girl: 5 Years old.

Playing with toys/ make believe, reading, arts and crafts


Coat size 5/6

Pants size 5/6

Shirts size 5/6


PJ masks (Catboy Power Pack with mask)

Any arts/ crafts supplies


(9D) Girl: 8 Years old.

Barbie and dolls/ toys, books (loves to read sets)


Soft thermal under clothes size 10/12

Pants size 10/12

Shirts size 10/12


Any Barbie Set

Fingernail polish


(9E) Girl: 5 Years old.

Art and crafts, making jewelry


Soft thermal underclothes size 8/10

Pants size 8/10

Shirts size 8/10


Walking Robo pet dog (Reserved)

Art or Craft supplies

Jewelry or Jewelry making kit

(9F) Boy: 7 Years old.



Warm coat size 10

Jeans size 10

Shirts size 10

Black tube or crew socks size 9 in mens


Wired earbuds with microphone

Books (I Survived series)

Anything about music

(9G) Boy: 6 Years old.

Reading, playing with his sisters and brothers


Warm tube socks size 8 in mens

Shoes size 8 in mens

Clothes size 10/12


Squishy Stress Ball

Anything to help with anxiety

Books (Reserved)

(9H) Girl: 12 Years old.

Friends, organization


Winter Boots size 8.5 (neutral color)

Shoes size 8.5

Clothes size 14/16


White twin sheet set

Twin comforter set

(9I) Girl: 19 Years old.

Volunteering, hanging out with boyfriend and family


Crew socks size 8

Shoes size 8

Shirts size small


Soft sweater size small

Small Pet Fun tunnel for gerbil