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Family 1

Hard working, single mom raising two incredible kids. One of her children was diagnosed with cancer this year. She provides great service in the community as well as providing for her sweet family. Cancer takes alot out of a family. In all aspects. She deals with a lot of heavy things in her life. Her work is very heavy, being a single mom, helping take care of her aging parents, and now her child has cancer. Her work is helping the community and I know we can give back to them. This would bless their lives and take some stress off her plate. They are so deserving of this gift.

(1C) Mom: 44 Years old.

Spending time with her kids. Being outside




Silverware, Dishes and cups


Roolee Gift Card

TJ Maxx Gift Card

Gift Cards

Gift Cards do not need to be reserved since all are invited to donate them.

Stores: Roolee, TJ Maxx, Maverik, Walmart, Smiths Marketplace

(1B) Boy: 17 Years old.

Music, sports, reading and video games


Snow Coat (mens xxl)

Snow Pants (mens xxl)

Socks (size 14 shoe)


Nirvana Gear

Gift card to music store

Gift card for video games and books

(1A) Girl: 14 Years old.

Softball, snowboarding, movies and being with friends and family


Socks (size 7.5 women) (Reserved)

Underwear (small womens)

Hair Straightener


Clothes (size medium shirt-women, size 4 pants womens)

sweats, hoodies, band t shirts