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Family 3

This family consists of a mom, two kids (and two cats!)
The parents are going through a messy divorce and this has been hard especially for the kids. Mom is trying to provide best for the family but have struggled this year. Both kids got COVID and have been really sick, one ended up at the hospital. They are getting better, but still feeling the effects.
Mom had to take time off from work to take care of her kids and quarantine. This has made money really tight.

(3C) Mom: 29 Years old.

Loves cats. Also likes crafts like washi tapes. Likes to write.


Sweaters ( Medium to Large)

Black Under Shirts (Medium to Large)



Washi Tape

Gel Pens

Gift Cards

Gift Cards do not need to be reserved since all are invited to donate them.

Stores: Ulta Beauty, Hobby Lobby, Staples

(3B) Boy: 5 Years old.

Playing with toy Cars, Dinosaurs, Loves Hulk, Iron man and Spider man. Loves watching rugrats. Likes dogs and cats


Long Sleeve Shirts and pants (6t, Small) (Reserved)

coat (6t, Small)



Rugrats stuff RESERVE

Hulk stuff

dinosaur toys or cars (Reserved)

(3A) Girl: 1 Years old.

Dance, Cats, Playing with her brother , Music


Sweater ( 2t)

Coat (2t)



balls that she can throw

stuff animal cats

educational toys (Reserved)