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Family 4

This family just recently went through a divorce and the transition has been hard on the mom and kids. She is a single mom to a 7 yr old autistic/adhd son, a 5 yr old son and a 4 yr old daughter. She was a stay at home mom for 7 years while my husband worked to provide for us. Since he left, she had to find a job and reenter the workforce. She has found a job and doing her best to take care of them, but all of her money has gone to my bills/daycare. They have no money this year to provide Christmas and would appreciate help so she can give her kids a happy Christmas. After the year they have had it would mean the world to them.

(4D) Mom: 26 Years old.

I love reading books/movies/actives with my kids/puzzles


Pants size 9

Shoes size 8

Shirts size large



Slippers size 8

Snow pants size 9 or large

Stuff for relaxing in a bath like bath salts etc

Gift Cards

Gift Cards do not need to be reserved since all are invited to donate them.

Stores: Smiths , Walmart, lees, Macey, Maverick (for gas)

(4C) Boy: 7 Years old.

Minecraft, roblox, sonic, race car


Pants size 7

Shirts size 7/8

Snowboots size 2

Slippers size 2


Anything minecraft

Anything sonic (Reserved)

Marble race track set

(4B) Boy: 5 Years old.

Minecraft, roblox, sonic, race car


Pants size 6/7

Shirts 6/7

Snowboots size 1

Slippers size 1


Anything sonic/Minecraft

Magnetic tiles

Race Cars

(4A) Girl: 4 Years old.

Frozen, princesses, dress up, , coloring, babies


Size 4 t pants

Size 4 t shirts

Snow boots size 11 (Reserved)



Anything frozen

Baby doll crib

Dress up clothes