Families In Need

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Family 9

This family’s income has been drastically effected by COVID. There has been loss of employment and quarantine rules that have made it impossible for them to be able to do Christmas for their children this year. They are a hard working family.

(9A) Boy: 10 Years old.

Building things and


Coat, Adult M

Shirt and sweatshirts adult medium

Shoes or boots size 6 adult (Reserved)

Hat and gloves RESERVE


LEGO kit

Science learning kit

warm blankets

(9B) Boy: 1 Years old.

Learning toys


Diapers size 5

Shoes or boots size 6 children

Coat 3T

Warm clothes 2 or 3T


Any thing interactive or learning

warm blankets

(9C) Mom: 35 Years old.

Her children


Gift card for gas (Reserved)

Gift card for food (Reserved)


Warm Things for her children RESERVE

Gift Cards

Gift Cards do not need to be reserved since all are invited to donate them.

Stores: Walmart, Smith’s, Lee’s, Gas card anywhere